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Default Re: Favorite Rappers?

Originally Posted by AtTheDriveIn
Yeah because underground is where the **** is right? You aint cool unless you listen to Youg [insert gay name here]. Mainstream music is for the wannabes right?

Stop brining up age in every single thread. I've seen you bring up primetimes age, now Kobe24's age. Get over it, man. You're such a *****.

Stop bringing up age? I've brought it up twice. No need to tell me to stop using it, fool.

I bring up age is because its necessary when posters still listen to this guy or that guy. I'm a *****? For disliking your choice of music or asking an individual how old they are? Either way, both situations are necessary when they have no style whatsoever. Not saying that all of the rappers are gay, but specifically some.
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