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Default Re: Which new smartphone do I buy?

Originally Posted by HoopsFanNumero1
I'm just used to Android now so I'm more productive with it.
- I use the file manager a lot,
- I can just connect it to any PC and use it as a USB storage

- It's more customizable. I don't like the home screen on iOS, which is basically just a grid of icons. Also, the fact that I can change default apps.

You mentioned you won't use it for media, so the only place a bigger screen will make a difference for you would be web browsing. Honestly, if none of this matters to you, go with the 5S. It's a solid package and is very well-built. The hardware design, UI, camera, it's a complete package. Not to mention, it's future proof since you're guaranteed to get software updates for a long time.

I didn't want to mention this, as to keep away the iHaters away.... but I'm on a MacBook so the iPhone would have the advantage in the ease of connectivity

Thats the one thing that has lacked with my Galaxy in the past. It has been a hassle to connect with and move files among my phone and my laptop
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