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Default Re: Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor

I seem to be not quite as high as most on Tyus Jones, which is a little weird because I'm sort of a "pure point guard" kind of a dude.

He just isn't as explosive as I've come to expect from a #1 overall prospect in a class. He's on the small side. And even watching him he's sort of by the book. Not as creative as I generally expect from a guy with that profile and what is something of a limited body.
He's got a very good stroke for a young guy, but even that looks a touch slow to get off. And it's not the shot creator type of stroke I expect from a truely great shooter.

To be fair, I've seen him mostly in all-star games, and only one high school game. And perhaps his reigned in approach isn't ideal in that setting. But still.

I'm sure he'll be good. And I'm rooting for him, because I generally like the style of play I've read him most associated with, forcefull yet carefull, measured but aggressive, thoughtfull. He just doesn't feel like a top overall prospect when I see him.
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