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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season 7

Originally Posted by RapsFan
The picks were those YOU put on the yahoo site.

I'll adjust them but that is why those were listed as your keepers.
For a league manager you act really igorant at times. When everyone asked if we were selecting ou keepers via the site or if we are sending them to you (which can easily be quoted and proven) you aid that since we are an offline draft we are still gonna be sending them to you by PM. That was what was said. Its not even debatable. On top of that the keeper deadline was extened by you because you said it would make sense to wait until we se the players in the preseason. I was unaware that you were even able to go check picks made on the site due to all I've just listed. Honestly no need to be an ignorant jackass. Its expected of fc, not of a guy who runs our league.
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