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Default Re: Sergey Karasev leads Russia in scoring, with 25 points

This is sort of a non-sequator, but I really didn't know where to put it, and it certainly doesn't warrant it's own thread.

I'll start by adressing your point. I really like Karasev. I'm on record as such in my big mock draft thread in the draft forum. I know he's a little limited athletically, but he can shoot, and his body is solid, so I'm not too worried about him moving forward physically, just that he's probably never going to be elite around the rim. And it took all of five minutes of watching him in the Hoops Summit game to realize he really knew how to play (along with Dennis Schroeder, both of whom I became pretty obsessessed with following watchaing that game). He's a very good passer, very clever with the ball, and has a great sense of spacing and flow. The Cavs other rookie, Delavadova, has a similar sense, just not the shooting or size.

Anyway. My reason for posting here is that I watched the Cavs preseason game the other day, and for the life of me I'm convinced the announcers spent the whole game pronouncing it
Curr-ASS-Suff, as opposed to Care-uh-sieve, which I'm almost certain is the correct pronounciation.
If anyone in Cavs land can confirm, just let the announcers know.

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