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Default Re: Which new smartphone do I buy?

Originally Posted by Stuckey
can someone explain to me why Samsungs are garbage? cause I'm wanting a Note 3 pretty bad
Shitty build quality
They infect and warp the Android OS with their TouchWiz (or whatever it's called), which is laggy
Horrid customer service
Short lifespan
Gimmicky features that are half assed and don't work properly (if at all)
Shitty screen… really, the colors aren't realistic… vibrant YES but not realistic
Again… L A G
Poor battery life

Even many in the Android community dislike and dismiss Samsung's offerings. So this isn't some sort of Apple fanboy rant, I recommended the HTC One which is a very nice phone.

They've also been caught lying about their benchmarks in order to sell to the geek community obsessed with specs and benchmarks.

Again, I'm sure some Android users will attest to everything I just posted.
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