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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

I just caught up last night, so I'll give my initial reaction.

I really liked this as a premier. Much more than last year, where really right from the start The Governor's set up just didn't read well to me. It just looked too fake. This sort of farm living set up they have now makes a lot more sense for communal living to me.

I really like the introduction of whatever this disease is. The show needed a new threat. Once we learned about the groups being infected and having some kind of ability to fight it off until death, it sort of took the disease threat out of the show, and the zombie threat is only real in specific settings. This looming disease is far more interesting than last years goofy Governor group in my opinion. And the fact that the disease can breach their fences in a way the already existing zombie threat can't is a nice element.
I also thought the set piece in the store was really well done. Pretty well shot. Pretty well thought out layout of the idea. A bit dark at times and quick cut-y for my taste, but overall very well handled.
The weird chick Rick dealt with was a little all over for me. She obviously was a reflection of Rick. Here seeing a lost husband was not unlike Rick, although he seemed to be somewhat real based on that moving bag, but it would've been better had they just left him a figment of her imagination. But more than that I think it was a reminder for Rick to trust and help people. He's obviously back to having issues we weren't completely exposed to last night, which is why they had to have a talk with him before he went out, and why they added little notes about Darryl bringing in more people than Rick of late, and other little mentions here and there.

I hope this season turns out better than last year. The threat of The Governor looming I can deal with so long as it doesn't occupy so much time like last year.
Further exploring this community they've developed interests me. Especially once it's under attack by this disease. And I'd like to see more of what they have for resources. Rick appeared to be rockin an Ipod to start the episode. And they talked about using car batteries to rig up that speaker for the music to attract the zombies away from the supply center.
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