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Default Re: Cartoons we grew up watching game.

20 different cartoons is pretty difficult after the first 2 or 3 guys. Should have made it 10. However I guess being in Australia I had more access to British cartoons than American ones which kind of helps. I'm not sure if many of you American's will know some of these, but any Aussie or Brit should.

1. Dino-Riders
2. Count Duckula
3. Danger Mouse
4. Super Ted
5. Secret Squirrel
6. The Animals of Farthing Wood
7. The Raggy Dolls
8. Bananaman
9. Roger Ramjet
10. Victor and Hugo
11. Avenger Penguins
12. Freaky Stories
13. Mot (weirdest and most obscure f'ing cartoon ever)
14. Samurai Pizza Cats
15. Eagle Riders
16. Denver the Last Dinosaur
17. Wacky Races
18. The Marvel Action Hour (Iron Man and Fantastic Four back to back)
19. Rambo
20. Care Bears
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