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Default Re: LeBron Faces Significantly Worse Opposition than Kobe/MJ In The Playoffs

Originally Posted by SamuraiSWISH
With coked out Orlando Woolridge, and Dave Corzine as his best players? Playing against arguably some of the greatest teams of all-time: '86 Celtics, Bad Boy Pistons. That's quite a feat.

LeBron competing against Gilbert Arenas Wizards. haha

Wasn't until Mike finally started to rub off on Scottie Pippen's soft ass around '89 - '90 that they were talented enough outside of Jordan to do something.

MJ's Bulls teams with developmental Pippen were less talented than LeBron's 2005 - 2010: Larry Hughes, Mo Williams, Shaquille O'Neal, Ben Wallace, Delonte West, Anderson Varejao, Big Z, Boobie Gibson Cavs teams.

What are you arguing? Seriously?
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