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Default Re: Jalen and Bill's season preview

Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
when will people quit bashing boozer... Hes not a hall of fame power forward hes going to get his 13 points 10 rebounds and have his go to unblockable jump shot. It falls at a high % so what hes not tim duncan the guy is strong he wont be bullied and he is someone to count on. We never lost the play offs cause of him he was our best scorer.

as for horford for Boozer Mirotic and charlots pick thats just rediculous. hell yeah Atlanta would go for that. Mirotic > horford alone
...We clearly have differing views on players, but I'm not bashing Boozer. I appreciate all that he has done for us. But the fact is that Boozer's ceiling is not as high as Pau's, and not nearly as high as Horford's.
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