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Default Re: Jalen and Bill's season preview

pau is in his 30s you dont trade for players like that Bulls are not going for the 1 year rental to win a championship we are going for the dynasty... now if pau was cheap yeah go for it... but other than that he has nowhere to go but down. Statistics dont lie people start to decline as age sets in. I am 34 years old ive always had good legs now my aches and pains are chronic after being physical. The knees have a shelf life. If you could only imagine some tissue between bones and 100s of pounds beating on them you'll know what i am saying. Boozer is old also but hes a win now and our Picks + mirotic are our future. If anything after mirotic takes boozers place trade him for some draft picks. Horford on the other hand does not impress me as much as everyone else is. Alot of his big games were based on Good passes under the basket.
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