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Default What do you guys think about my fantasy team?

Just joined a league today and drafted my own players. This is my first time playing Fantasy Basketball, and it's a free league, so I don't have to worry about losing money if I'm in way over my head.

Here's my roster:
PG Derrick Rose
SG Kobe Bryant
G Kevin Martin
SF Josh Smith
PF Kenneth Faried
F Kevin Garnett
C Dwight Howard
C Marcin Gortat

Util : Chris Kaman
Util : Danny Granger

Bench Omer Asik
Bench Trevor Ariza
Bench Vince Carter

I picked a few guys who are waaaaaay past their primes (Vince Carter, Kevin Garnett) just because I feel they'll have big games from time to time when they really matter.
Kobe, DRose, & Granger are all guys I was hesitant about due to their injuries, but I feel Kobe will muster something worthwhile this season, and DRose & Granger are both young enough to bounce back strong from what they suffered.
I think KMart is a sleeper. He is in Minnesota now where he will likely be a starter and get a lot more shots since he doesn't have the likes of KD or Westbrook taking most of them.
As for the rest, I think they're self-explanatory, no? Kaman is a starter on a Lakers squad that doesn't have anyone else to really play his role, D12 is definitely going to have a better season than last year, Josh Smith has a fresh start with the Pistons on a young squad in Detroit, etc.

So what do you guys think?
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