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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Who would you trade for Oden? There are a lot of top 10 or fringe top 10 players under 25. And you don't really know if Oden will be any better than Okafor right now, if even that (just saying, he's unproven in the league).

If I'm them, I'd think hard about the possibility of Wade/Bron/Melo for him. Not saying any of those teams would offer that, but hypothetically speaking. Melo and Bron atleast are only 23 years old (Bron will be soon after the season) and top 10 talents and made terrible franchises winning teams.

None of those trades would get done, but seriously I don't think about trading an unproven pick for great players that young. And really think about the Duncan move, but I'd have to make sure I have the right players around him.
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