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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Imo an argument can be made for not trading someone for Greg Oden, but not because Oden is unproven. I mean of course we don't know how good he really is as a nba player cause he hasn't played a game yet, but can't you see what he is going to be (not potentially, but what he is destined to be)? Using this unproven argument is like saying "it's not sensible to trade Clyde Drexler for a rookie Shaq because he hasn't played a game yet whereas Clyde is on top of his game" the year Shaq was drafted. Yes, he hasn't played a game but everyone with a brain could see what impact he could bring to the game the second he was put on the court; what he could become and what he already was, same cases could be made for Duncan, Lebron and Greg Oden.

One might have a case for not trading someone for Oden, but this "unproven" theory only refects their inability to see great talents, even when the whole basketball world knows it is someone you only get once in 15 years.
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