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Default Re: The Official Raptors Pre-Season thread

Fair observation... vis a vis no called plays.

I dont really disagree but I will say "wait". Or I am willing to wait.

Gay joined the team with what 20 games to play ? Further by all accounts pressure from the GM suite to throw something offensive on the floor. Bit of a pun that actually.

Gay is a self play maker. While give him the ball and let him create is an incomplete O strategy.... forcing him to constantly drive and dish or play only scripted off ball slashes to the rim is also an incomplete O strategy.

There is a lot of commentary that Gay Derozan play the same, too much duplication, too much D.

I too suspect this team will be "somewhat o challenged" but there are more coaches than Casey here.

Like I said earlier - there is a big 7 game stretch in early mid Jan with a lot of home games and mixed calibre of talented opponents. I dont think we will really know if the scribes, duplications, lack of coaching accumen on the o side is real or not till then.
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