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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Are you sure about that?
You can say "there have been much better prospects than Oden" then give some names like Hakeem, Shaq, D-Rob (hell even those guys are not much better prospects imo); but please don't list names like Coleman, and Bias? He wasn't a 7 foot center and he died before entering the nba, Ewing has a case, but he wasn't a better prospect than Oden.

Oden is being overhyped. He is a top prospect but what has he got over someone like Okafor other than age? Okafor was better on offense and defense in college. Don't get me wrong, Oden is a better prospect but it's not that big a margin. Ewing was easily a better prospect, Ewing may be the most hyped player other than LeBron ever. Coleman was at least as good a prospect as Oden. Coleman is one of the best offensive players ever as a prospect. He didnt have the hype of Oden, but as a prospect he was better.

imo Oden will be at least as good as prime Mutombo in 2 years and better thereafter.

That's a massive call there. Mutombo in his prime was a far better defender than Oden is right now. He was also much better offensively. Oden should be great but he wont be that good in 2 years. Prime Mutombo would be the best center in the league right now. I still think that Mutombo is the best comparison right now. Oden has a lot of work to do offensively, with the way that Stern is hunting defense and trying to eliminate it you have to be careful building around a guy who right now isnt going to be a good player offensively. I mean offensively Oden is worse than guys like Okafor, Kaman and Bogut were and none of them are doing very well offensively in the league.

Tim Duncan and LeBron are the two players I would trade Oden for. I wouldn't need to think about it. LeBron is the manufactured marketing toy, he is cash and he can play a bit. Duncan is the best player in the league by a vast distance and is going to give his team a shot at the title for another 3 or so years you have to believe.

Oden needs to improve a long way if he is going to be that guy. Guys like Mourning, Robinson, Ewing, Daugherty, Coleman and Mutombo who were better players coming out of college couldn't get their teams titles. Admittably the league has fallen a long way since those guys were around and a couple failed for reasons other than a lack of talent, but has the league fallen enough that Oden is going to give you a shot at the title? Especially when you cant even be certain he will be there in 5 years time?
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