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Default Re: Judah vs Cotto fight the day before the Puerto Rock Parade.

I called it. He'll go down on one knee. After that he would be done. Cotto is vicious and keeps going even if you stun him with a good punch to the jaw. Who still says that he has a glass jaw? Zab ran around a little too much. The only good thing of that for him was that fast left he would hit Cotto with. Cotto would show that it did stun him but the guy was resilient. Cotto kept coming with the jab and changing to southpaw. The guy is a brawler. In the 7 or 8 round he cornered Zab and hit him about 4 or 5 times in the right eye with his jab. He had Zab with sunglasses on after the fight. I'm glad he won. This Puerto Rican Day Parade he'll be sporting another belt. Can't wait to see him.

I'm so glad this fight, and the two before it were all better than the crappy pay per view that DLH put up.
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