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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
Bought the game last week, never played a GTA game before, any tips for a beginner on how to approach everything in terms of making money and stuff? I feel lost roaming the city lol
I've been playing GTA for over a decade and even I felt lost roaming the city when I first got rolling on GTA V.

I think once you do a couple of missions, a sense of direction begins to develop a little bit. GTA usually has a way of unraveling itself as the story progresses. They'll teach you new things and introduce new features and money-making ventures as you advance in the storyline a little bit.

If you're hard up for a buck really early on and you're looking to make some cash outside of missions, you can try robbing gas stations (by pointing your gun at the clerk). You can also keep an eye out for armored trucks, as those can be robbed (though you'll meet more resistance than in a typical gas station robbery).

Otherwise, don't fret, the game opens up a little bit and you can slowly begin to familiarize yourself with regions and areas. Things to do will begin popping up left and right.
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