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Default Re: Gravity was such a good movie.

Originally Posted by B-Easy8
It was very good but it was also pretty ridiculous.

Every time they got something to work, something else went wrong. It was really a "What will go wrong next" movie. I half expected at the end when [spoiler in white]she stood up on land as she got out of water that there would be a tribe of people with spears looking angry at her. I know that wouldn't make sense with the "seriousness" of the movie that they went for, but in my mind it made sense because of the ridiculousness.

Overall, it was only a good movie that is filmed great. I was totally into it and it was intense the whole time, but once I left the theater, it wasn't something that stuck with. I reflected on a couple parts with my gf on the walk to the car, but we didn't talk about the movie ever again. Usually after watching a movie, we talk about either what was awesome or what was shitty in different moments throughout the evening (whether good or bad).
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