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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Originally Posted by Shade8780
Season 2 was the best?! All they did was stay on that farm and look for Sophia, the whole ****ing season. Season 3 was actually pretty bad as well, and I still can't believe the Governor story is still going on. The first season was easily the best imo.

That's why I said it was a slow-paced season. But you should know that they found her during episode 6 or 7, so it was not all season 2. I think it was a great season, all because you see them working as a group, & you finally got everyone together camped-up at a farm, & you got this bad-ass character playing the villain-like. Everything really played out very well. Finding Sophia was worth the wait, actually, it was really worth it. I do think that, there should have been only 4 or 5 episodes of finding Sophia, but hey, they chose 6 or 7. Let's just say it was a great build-up. Shane had his bad-ass moment when he was trying to explain to Herschel that those 'people' were zombies. That was cool.

To me, Shane was 40% of TWD. It never felt the same without him. As much as annoying as Andrea was, it's never the same without her either.
The characters that were there from the very beginning -- made this show to where it is now (& the zombies, of course). I understand that no one is safe in this show, but c'mon, the atmosphere won't be the same anymore once you kill off those characters. That's just my opinion.

To me, they're just killing off way too many characters that made a huge impact on this show. If it was up to me, I would have kept Shane, Andrea, & Lori, & then killed off, T-Dog, Carl, & Dale. But of course, killing Dale would have to be somewhere around season 3, & then Carl & T-Dog would have to be somewhere around season 2, Carl replacing Shane's death. 2 kids in 1 season, sounds fun? HAHA

But yeah, dream on.
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