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Default Re: official manga/anime thread

Originally Posted by treadster
-Golden Time
-Kill la Kill
-Kyokai no Kanata
-Pokemon Origins (OVA but whatever)
-Coppelion (That 2nd episode )
-Yozakura Quartet
-Strike the Blood
-Outbreak Company
-Blazblue - Alter Memory

Plan to watch
-Ace no Diamond
-Unbreakable Machine-Doll
-Tokyo Ravens
Ah. I'm basically watching the same thing.

This might sound weird clipse but i literally just had a dream about you. It was about you and me and this weird fat dude who had previously murdered someone. Apparently you were friends with this guy so we all went together on a trip to a forest in Tennessee. I notice however, when we get there there was only one hunting rifle in the car. (he was basically planning to kill us both) but before he had a chance to shoot me I wrestle the gun away and try to get back into the pickup truck that he took us there in. I get into the driver's seat but not fast enough and he almost takes the rifle away from me. You come and help me keep it but he runs to the trunk and pulls out some type of pistol. I was too scared to shoot him and it was basically a standoff between you and him 50 yards away. He shoots but misses but you hit him but he didn't die, and like 45 seconds later the NSA comes and tells us both to get down and put the gun down. We do, and we don't get into any trouble and he apparently was going to go to jail for life. Then there was some weird timeskip and I was at home and I got my ACT scores back (I haven't even taken the ACT yet ) and I get like a 32 and was about to show my parents since they would be happy. Then I woke up. Weird dream The only reason I know it was you Clipse is because that's what I called you
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