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Default Re: Gravity was such a good movie.

Originally Posted by Scholar
If you guys remember the part where __________________, the fact that so many people accepted in the theater that that was plausible bothered me. People actually applauded as Clooney hopped in.
Even though it turned out to be______________, I felt like this movie proved how stupid people are. They simply accepted that it's possible to just hold your breath in space to survive.
That part was a little disorienting to me. Things were happening left and right and I was trying to follow along then when that happened... it wasn't that I accepted it, I was just sitting and trying to figure it all out. It didn't hit me that it was what it was, but I'd venture to say most of the audience was just trying to figure out how it was so.

Sometimes it's tough for me to come in threads about movies that aim for some sense of realism. They make me feel ignorant. The part you're talking about seemed pretty obvious but to hear some other users here criticize certain space minutiae always makes me wonder, "Did I miss, like, fourteen general ed. astrophysics classes I was supposed to take somewhere along the lines?"

Aside from the part you mentioned, I'm not sure I could have explained or noticed any other real scientific inconsistencies. I mean, I assume the inconsistencies were there, I'm just impressed when it appears so easy for other folks to point them out and criticize the movie for it.
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