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Default Re: Proper Talk Disscusions with Fresh Kid

Originally Posted by Fresh Kid
You are incorrect Dr hee. Understand that the word "diminishing" is being used because I felt like I was wasting too much energy on that very subject. Try to understand better before you start jumping into false conclusions. Its simply not healthy to transpire.

You simply used the wrong word. Not fresh at all. May I ask you to try again?

The only excuse would be dyslexia, in which case I'd apologize and appreciate the courage needed for creating this thread despite the inability to form coherent sentences because of a lack of cognitive abilities on your part.

Otherwise, this thread is the opposite of freshness, which is quite disappointing to me since I'm used to fresh material provided by you. This thread hasn't delivered so far and is devoid of any freshness whatsoever. I would appreciate more effort.
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