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Default Re: Should the Bulls go after Beasley?

Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
We are talking about a player commanding 1 MILLION What you going to get for that? Hes not injured and has scored 29 / 9 in college.

AND i would like to add that he is playing +Per in preseason scoring 1 point per minute in game on high FG% it looks to me like theory is wrong the guy was a steal and nobody even bit.. Star players dont swap around so easily they have to fuq up and he did so this is how you get em on the roster for nothing.
1. College means nothing at this point.
2. He also injured himself in the preseaon and still doesn't stick d
3. There is a reason no one bit--it is because dude is unstable and a risk. NOt worth the risk for us when we have two small forwards and two power forwards better than him.....we need to save that spot/money for a wing scorer or backup center.
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