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Default Re: So who is Stempel, Herb?

Originally Posted by Scholar
This is just... Sad.

You're seriously thinking I'm obsessed with you? I don't even say shit about you. I'm so out of the loop that when people mention "Starface," I didn't even know who it was until you just admitted that's you.

And to even think that I have alt accounts is laughable. This is my only account. Jeff can verify it by checking IP addresses.

@J$, I figured it wasn't you behind this pathetic Stempel, Herb account. You're an intelligent dude and I would've found it hard to believe someone like you would take time out of his day to bash someone over petty matters.

Lastly, @everyone reading, I've already admitted I've made the mistake to share personal details about my life, but I just don't get why some of you, like RidonKs, think it should be obvious to me that I'd get bashed for these things. I get it. It's the interwebz after all. Trolls exist, great. I just find it so pathetic that people hide behind their computer screens and bash people over bullshit.

Anyone who thinks this fool is some legitimate married dude has a seriously suspect IQ. Its just a bunch of weird posts describing a fabricated life so he can get information about what other posters here would do in his made up circumstance, and thus learn more about them. Hes been doing this on all his other accounts that have no legit pictures ever posted with them. J$, VCDAPTW, its the same weird stalker on all of em, he fabricates weird life stories and then tries to start conversations about them so he can archive any details posters share about themselves in the discussion. Hes just some weird creep with a bunch of accounts. I thought this was common knowedge but I guess some are still aloof.
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