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Default Re: So who is Stempel, Herb?

Lastly, @everyone reading, I've already admitted I've made the mistake to share personal details about my life, but I just don't get why some of you, like RidonKs, think it should be obvious to me that I'd get bashed for these things. I get it. It's the interwebz after all. Trolls exist, great. I just find it so pathetic that people hide behind their computer screens and bash people over bullshit.
i don't see why it has to have been a mistake. you have probably gotten some really genuine earnest responses in threads you've made airing our your shit, no? i know i've offered a couple for what its worth. seems to me a decent trade off. and when the bullies and trolls go after you, and they happen to strike a nerve? so what. if they're any good at their craft, that's their entire intent. once they find it, they exploit it. like j$ said, its how you handle your own response that determines what impact they're having. everybody has baggage that can be turned against them. just take it on as constructive criticism.

like take jameer and all the stuff he posts. 80% of the thread he just made is dudes laughing at him. not very encouraging for a young dude. at the same time, i think it's much more healthy for him to plaster his sometimes odd but usually completely normal teenage issues on this board than to bottle them up and constantly have to battle back the assumption that he's a fked up weirdo. he clearly doesn't have any place else to go with this stuff, so an internet forum serves as his outlet. i wish i'd have used some outlet when i was his age the way he is now. could have saved myself a lot of grief.

he's being pushed around and laughed at like the grade school dweeb, but long term it's probably gonna do him a world of favours... he'll accept the bad with the good, but it's the good that'll stick around. that's what happens for people with the courage to honestly reflect on their issues in full view of a sometimes hostile audience.
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