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Default Re: So who is Stempel, Herb?

Originally Posted by MetsPackers
This sums up my feelings pretty well. You are in serious need of a tampon sir

U bring up a good point

It's inevitable that the 5 people u spend the most time with end up summing your character FUUKING humans and their mirror neurons . I tried the whole dignam I want my product to be an environment angle in uni but that FATIGUES u quick Jesus no wonder people go with the flow

Iirc ops closest folks are two females I remember him being a lot manlier and vicious and caustic not even a year back. Like vegeta PRE earth vs vegeta post Bulma heh . Ridin motorcycles talking sheet all that jazz

There's a realm why bachelors and players are in general livelier and funner and funnier to be with. They ain't got a lady as a primary influence on they behavior

It's like even with all the willpower in the world a manly dude getting married strips him off a great deal of his masculinity

*****. We gotta counteract this with MORE shooting the sheet with the brothas. Point blank period.
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