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Default Re: Which new smartphone do I buy?

Originally Posted by jaydacris
so EVERY single phone has problems where if you hold a phone a certain way, your signal drops considerably?

you do know.. the issue was due to the antenna design ... where your hand could bridge the two different antennae? thats why having a case fixed this issue. (obviously was fixed in 4s)
lol name one prominent phone where you could hold your phone a certain way and almost completely kill your signal.
im sorry, but when your own CEO responds to one of his own customers and tells him to avoid holding a phone that way....
its just silly that you say Samsung doesnt test phones and just releases phones untested... I guess Apple forgot to test their antenna design on the iphone 4.

and if you actually thought you could smell from your galaxy s4 screen... it was obviously a joke in the commercial

YES every phone had issues due to the location of its antenna.
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