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Default Re: my comics jeffadventures INSIDEHOOPS

Originally Posted by mugiwara
Wow theoo Just read from start to finish, bravo. Suspense was thick throughout and great fight sequences with a saucy devious sex scene.

I am inspired to make brain posts, avoid naruprude, kobe threads and use troll logic whenever Euroleague is about. Your spreading awareness and thread safety guidelines to rookie posters.

As a budding comic book writer/artist myself i will immediately re read and take notes on some of the finer subtleties of your story telling.
thnx men i cant not wait read yoru comics nice to have a new fans that read old comics . what to your guys think is better season 1 or 2 ??,

Originally Posted by Lebowsky
Oh man, how in the world did I miss the finale? Great ending to an epic, modern day ode to friendship and brain posting. Congratulations, it was a fine job.
comone men dont not miss finale thnx men a lot sweats and blood go to season 2
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