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Default Re: Better program? - Michigan or Michigan State

Judge for yourself.

MSU - 2 championships
U of M - 1 championship

MSU - 8 Final Fours
U of M - 7* (5) Final Fours

MSU - 17 Sweet 16s
U of M - 12 Sweet 16s

MSU - 3 Big Ten Tournament Championships
U of M - 1* (0) Big Ten Tournament Championships

MSU - 13 Big Ten Regular Season Championships
U of M - 13 Big Ten Regular Season Championships

MSU - 38 NBA players; most notably: Magic, Z-Bo, Steve Smith, Kevin Willis, Jason Richardson
U of M - 41 NBA players; most notably: Webber, Rice, Tomjanovich, Crawford, Rose

Notable MSU college players: Johnny Green, Magic Johnson, Scott Skiles, Shawn Respert, Mateen Cleaves
Notable U of M college players: Chris Webber, Bill Buntin, Rudy Tomjanovich, Glen Rice, Cazzie Russell

MSU has Magic, Cleaves, and Izzo.
U of M has the Fab 5, Russell, and Strack.

In terms of recent history (say, the last decade), I'm willing to bet MSU by a good deal. Not going to check.

In terms of recruiting, not sure either. Izzo seemed to be on a big roll lately, but his last class is weak and I know for a fact that he was aiming for a huge 2014 class (Jones, Alexander, etc) and it's not materializing at all. It's crazy how he could spend so much time on those prospects and he might not land a single one. Not sure what happened in 2013, there might be a good reason for that. The 2014 one I was talking to an assistant coach at an AAU tournament and that came up. Don't really come across Michigan recruiting other than Booker and McGary. Although I noticed someone on their staff has this uncanny ability to find a low ranked PG that dominates in college early in their career.

Not a fan of either program so I could be off on the players and recruiting. The other stuff I stole right off wikipedia.
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