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Default Re: ~UFC 166: Cain Vs. Junior Dos Santos III (Trilogy)

dangit, i couldn't restrain myself. so i bought myself a half bottle (1/10th) of decent whiskey to celebrate watching some of my favorite fighters war (cain, cormier, nelson, melendez) and i've already started in through sheer impatience. i blame godzuki.

the way i see the big fight is this-- as jack slack points out, junior will surely have developed a whole bunch of traps and counters for when cain leads with his head and shoots. that's very, very scary if you're a cain fan... which i am, heavily.

the question is-- how does cain counter that? did he try to polish his boxing, hoping to trick the better boxer in to pure standup so that he can shoot more effectively? does he go back to kickboxing the lead leg in junior's diaz-heavy front foot, like in cain-junior I? or did he just do what he publically said he did, and try to polish his all-around skillset so as to take the fight anywhere? (cain is a brown belt in BJJ, i recall)

anyway... whoever wins this, IMO it's not fair to either man to keep matching them up just because dana white does whatever the hell he wants. no no, the other guys... barnett, werdum, browne, maybe overeem with a win, maybe hunt with two nice wins, maybe nelson against cain if he upsets cormier... all deserve some cracks at the belt IMO.

people know cain and junior are virtually equal #1's at this point. it's time for some variety after this. cain's last five fights have been as follows:


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