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Default Re: Which new smartphone do I buy?

Phones in general had reception issues. Some phones had it on the side, others on the back, the ones without issues were those that had it on the top (antenna).

The iPhone wasn't the only one.

But it was also part of the software not displaying the bars correctly. If you touched that spot the bars would drop but signal was still there. it was a mixture of bug that was fixed and antenna not being located on the proper area, but the iPhone wasn't the only one that suffered from bad reception due to antenna placement.

Or are people gonna conveniently gloss that fact over as if over phones didn't suffer from the same antenna issue?

Naturally, there's more but ya'll still won't care.

I also never denied that there was antenna gate. I simply pointed out the fact that they weren't the only phone with that issue. Every phone has that issue, it just depends on where the antenna is located. The best bet is at the top where people normally don't touch it while talking.

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