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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Like GoBB said, it just depends on the team. There's no way in hell the Mavs take Oden over Duncan. Just won't happen. On the other hand, the Hawks take Oden for sure. Without a doubt in their mind (ok, a small doubt).

It comes down to rebuilding, or contending. The Nets take Duncan, the Sixers take Oden, the Lakers take Duncan, the Hornets take Oden. It's quite simple really.

Still, the Blazers are very interesting. Zach Randolph just becomes SO much more impressive with a Tim Duncan playing on the block on offense and defending the middle. Jack looks better, Roy has open lanes, Webster and that SF sho started a lot of the year but who's name I always forget gets all kinds of open shots. He just improves the whole team. And while this team is young, they do have the talent to do extremely well over the next 3-4 years, while Duncan's still playing at the level he is now.

I think the Blazers do this, but the Spurs don't (obviously). At this point, Portland has enough talent that has actually developed from potential over the last while, that they would have a good enough team to contend with within the next year or so.

And no, you trade LeBron for absolutely no one.
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