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Default Re: Are Dirk Nowitzki highlights 'impressive' to watch? How about Kevin Love?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW

unadjusted series of clips start from the beginning, followed by the exact same series of clips that have been shot clock corrected at 1:15.


Wow. This really does put things into perspective, and I hadn't seen it before. Youtube is weird. I often check your youtube channel and for some reason this one doesn't show up. It has happened before. You have a video on the '63-'64 (i think) Lakers that I discovered by accident a few days ago. It also doesn't show up if I search your channel.

An off-topic question, if you're willing to answer it... I know the sources of almost all of the dunks on your 60s mix, but two of the ones that elude me are the Havlicek dunks. Where did those come from?
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