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Default Re: Are Dirk Nowitzki highlights 'impressive' to watch? How about Kevin Love?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
It isn't Youtube, it's me. A lot of videos on my Youtube channel are deliberately made unlisted by me, for various reasons. You should make playlists and add my videos too them so you can always find them because chances are I will eventually unlist something (to replace it, to avoid copyright, etc). In the dunk video, only 1 time does John Havlicek dunk (the color clip) and that is from the 1963-64 Lakers documentary. The other #17 Celtic that dunks is not Havlicek, it is actually Gene Conley from the 1950's. I initially mistook him for Havlicek but it is not Havlicek.

Thanks for the info. I'm a youtube idiot, but I really should start saving some of the stuff I return to often. A lot of great 60s NBA games have disappeared, for example, and all of those half hour year-summary documentaries are priceless.

I found a 1960 Conley dunk on efootage...Conley must be the earliest NBA dunker to exist on film.
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