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Default Re: Are Dirk Nowitzki highlights 'impressive' to watch? How about Kevin Love?

It's not on film, but George Yardley claims his final basket of '58, the one that gave him 2000 points for the year, was a dunk. Russell came into the league a year earlier, and he dunked. Most of what I've read insists that people who could dunk before that chose not to because it was considered an insult and there would be physical retaliation. My dad grew up watching basketball, including those NBA barnstorming games, and he says he never saw it until Russell, though it might have been something that he wouldn't have taken notice of and remembered.

You know what time period of the NBA (and ABA, for that matter) is way under-represented on video? The early 1970s. There must be a bunch of games out there somewhere, but hardly any of them ever get shown, even playoff games. I wish itunes would add more to their Hardwood Classics series. I'd watch anything from the early 80s or earlier if it was made available.
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