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Default Re: Kidd suspended 2 games for DUI conviction

Originally Posted by gigantes
deron would have to have some pretty major issues indeed if he wasn't excited and positive this season. it's almost a dream team in terms of talent and leadership at almost every level -- owner, GM, coach, big ticket and assorted veterans.

so i was probably a little hasty to doubt the dude. he might turn a bit sour in other circumstances and other seasons, but not this one, surely.

in other good news, livingston sounds like a really dedicated guy in terms of pass-first mentality. i never realised that about him.

even non-severe injuries shouldn't hurt this team too much, since there is incredible depth at almost every position. still, we'll see what happens with the age factor. garnett and pierce have proven to be remarkable overachievers in that area, but they do have a way of coming up short at the very end.

when all is said and done, it still might take lebron or some guys on the pacers getting hurt at the end of the season for the nets to reach the finals.

Livingston has ridiculous court vision. If he was 30 pounds heavier (and his body could hold the weight) and if he had some developmental time rather than how he came into the league, he'd have been sick good. Look at some early games of him with the Clippers, he's standing at the three point line, picking out people like he's Tom Brady throwing passes. It's beautiful to watch. It's a shame some guys the injuries just take that potential away.
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