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Default Re: More than 29 million people still live in slavery

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
ISH has single handedly made me support sharpton. He had lost me on the duke lacrosse rape case where I felt he never made it clear he was wrong in his accusations of the players who had video evidence that the woman consented to the sex. I still feel this way, as many people still dont know that they were proven innocent.

But people on ISH really expect Sharpton to speak out on every negative thing that happens to a person of african descent ever?
He is an advocate of Black Americans against white racism. There is nothing wrong with that as long as he can admit when he was wrong. Eg. Duke rape case.

Sharpton is more racist than the kkk. He's still living in Martin Luther King and Malcom X times.

He's nowhere to be found on black on black crimes, but let a white man defend himself from a gang banger and shoot said gang banger he's always the first to show his Planet Of The Apes face on CNN.
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