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Default Re: Gravity was such a good movie.

Originally Posted by I<3NBA
the flaw in Sandra Bullock's character. it's hard to believe NASA would let out someone in space that is: easy to panic, works poorly in zero-gravity (can't believe she forgets to tether tools in space!), and forgets elementary laws of motion under duress (letting the fire extinguisher loose before bracing for the opposite push is just dumb) (i assume they train for this kind of stuff).

I didn't have a problem with this. This isn't so much a physics flaw as it is a weird character trait for someone in her position.

George Clooney's character also had a brainfart. being wasteful of his jet pack's propulsion system when he could've just used a tiny amount to correct trajectory and allow momentum to carry them to the Shoyu station.

Again... Fine with this. Working under that much stress, etc. People make mistakes. More a character thing again, then physics being incorrect per se.

Sandra's initial launch after the debris hit was also kind of unbelievable. she should've been thrown clear off away from earth at hurtling speeds. space is a vacuum, and in a vacuum, there is no friction. no way in hell can energy be diminished without an opposite force to counteract it. the debris that hit them was travelling at enormous speeds. physics dictate that when the debris hit them, part of it's force should transfer to them. there were two scenarios possible. Sandra would hurtle into far space at speeds that would be far too fast for Clooney to catch up, or she would hurtle into earth's atmosphere, get caught by the earth's gravity, and fall into earth. it wasn't possible for her to spin slowly in orbit. the force was enough to knock everyone out of the satellite's orbit.

This one bothered me a little, but like you said, it was emotionally engaging enough that you can ignore it.
Same with the scene Myth mentioned. The only two real inconsistencies I can remember. I might have missed some since I was really into the movie. Thought it was great at building suspense.
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