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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Originally Posted by West-Side
WHAT? If you stopped looking at numbers when you were 19, that means you're old enough to know the IMPACT Hakeem had on the game of basketball, Hakeem had a greater impact on the defensive end then Duncan, and he would make Duncan's head spin with his offensive arsenal...are you seriously thinking that Duncan is better then Hakeem?

This is a message board clown, what else do you want me to tell you? Hakeem shot better from the field, he shot better from the line, he was a more dominant defender...Duncan is probably the better play maker, but that's about it.

All you have is the championships (3 to 2), I counter that with the lack of competition Duncan had during his era...your counter was "Ah that lame competition excuse, blah blah." Well people with half of brain would realize you get all those accolades and win all those championships by beating your competition, and if Duncan played in the 90's...he would not have won a lot of his awards simply because there were BETTER players in the league then him. And the teams were better then they are right now. Outside of the Lakers, Portland and Sacramento the last 6 years...and Detroit, there hardly was any REAL teams in this league...Lakers b*tch slapped Duncan for 3 years, you think he would stand a chance against Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Utah? I mean you honestly think he could win 3-4 titles by getting through Utah, Houston and then Chicago in the finals?

Winning 3 championships is a HUGE deal, and Duncan is an amazing player...but to put him in a group of elite players and not include Hakeem is a complete ****ing joke, and to top it off you included LEBRON JAMES, while not mentioning Hakeem OR Kobe, mind blowing.
Which is why no one is backing you up?

And you also have a selective memory. You keep b!tching about my inclusion of LeBron James despite the fact that I already admitted that it was presumptuous on my part.

And you just sound stupid about the Kobe thing.

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