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Default Re: Cheap, and i mean CHEAP shoes, where to get them?!?!?!?!?!

Originally Posted by Nelson14
Real talk, i got no money, i hit ross', Marshalls and places like that since the outlets around here, (Orlando Area) are still hella expensive, 80+. is there ANYWHERE you can get good/decent bball shoes for that price all the stores i go to have like shitty ass nike for 50 bucks, i got some kobes at ross once but aside from getting lucky like that every now and then i never find GOOD shoes for cheap

sorry i am not a baller like you guys please don't use this thread to rub it in

remember this moment and work hard and get that dough so you dont have to worry about this shiet down the road

and to answer your question, nope, 40~50 bucks is probably not going to be find you a decent pair of shoes and even if they go on sale.

i would suggest you look into ebay and try to bid ,you may have a better chance of getting a decent shoe but it's still going to run you around 70~80
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