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Default Re: Which players does Wiggins remind you of?

Originally Posted by Frozen1
I read somewhere in the last week that his college coaches said that he is not even the best player of his team on the practices.

Maybe people are overrating him too much because of his athleticism. We have to wait he play college ball first to evaluate him better.
Not that I don't agree with you (because I do!), but what's his motivation to actually play hard at college and bust his ass? Everytime he busts his ass, it's a risk to his future if he gets injured. He has adidas knocking on his door already to make him ultra rich. He's already the #1 pick for next year, this is not some Felipe Lopez type shit (Lopez woulda been a #1 pick had he skipped college, but he went to St Johns like an idiot and ruined his stock). He has already been hailed as the next heir.

I saw him in highlights, maybe a Wade with a 3 point shot?
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