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Default Re: The 80s Team Tournament

1st Round Matchups

Best out of 7


86 Celtics vs. 84 Bullets
- Maybe the easiest 1st round matchup to pick. The Celtics finished 67-15 that year. The best record in the 80s. The Bullets finished 35-47 that year. The worst record in the tournament. The Celtics were loaded to the max this year. Bird, DJ, Ainge with McHale, Parrish, and Walton. Very though. Bullets really didn't have anybody. Jeff Buland was their best player.

86 Celtics win series 4-0

83 76ers vs. 84 Knicks- The 76ers at maybe their best. What didn't they have? They had 2 superstars in Moses Malone and Julius Erving. Add one of the best defensive PGs in Cheeks. One of the best perimeter defenders in Bobby Jones. And an alrite shooter in Toney too. A very packed team. Maybe the GOAT. The Knicks were solid that year, finished 47-35. They had a prime Bernard King for themselves.

83 Sixers win series 4-0

89 Pistons vs. 86 Hawks- The Bad Boys at their very best this year. Another maybe the greatest team ever. They beat Jordan, Magic, and Bird that year. Crazy good. With Isiah, Rodman, Dumars, Laimbeer and more. They were the bad boys. Hawks had Wilkins at his best. This was the team's best year.

89 Pistons win series 4-0

86 Bucks vs. 89 Bulls- The 80s Bucks were underrated. This was their best year. They had Sidney Moncreif, Pressey, and Cummings. Finished 56-26. So pretty good. The Bulls had Michael Jordan and Pippen, when they were both getting it going. Should be a nice matchup

89 Bulls win series 4-2


87 Lakers vs. 88 Jazz- The L.A. Lakers at their best. They were maybe unstoppable that year. Just beating everyone easily. Too good on offense, with Magic, Worthy, and Kareem, and also had Cooper for defense. They go aginst the Jazz. With a young Stockton/Malone. Also a scary Mark Eaton behind them. Not a bad team for a 8th seed.

87 Lakers win series 4-1

86 Rockets vs. 89 Suns- The West takes a huge jump from the top. The Rockets were the only other team to make Finals in the West. Hakeem was very good that year. Also had a huge supporting cast from Simpson, Lyod, and Lucas. The Suns were all about offense with KJ, Chambers and EJ. Actually had a better record than Rockets.

86 Rockets win series 4-3

80 Sonics vs. 82 Spurs- The 80 Sonics were just as good as the 79 Champion Sonics some say. Great team who won 56 games and were one of the best that year as well. They will go vs. Spurs. Iceman at his best. His best Spur team. Should be a good series

80 Sonics win series 4-3

88 Mavericks vs. 85 Nuggets- Want a good exciting series? This is it. 2 offensive teams who will run up and down. Mark Agguire's best team, the Mavericks will go head to head with Alex English's best team, the Nuggets. Should be a fun and exciiting series

88 Mavericks win series 4-3

Semi-Finals Matchups:


86 Celtics vs. 89 Bulls- The Boston Celtics easily sweeped their 1st round opponent. The Chicago Bulls after being down 2-0, came back and won the series 4-2 with great performances from MJ. Dennis Johnson will be the primary defender on MJ this series. The key will be to stop him for Boston. Jordan will be the primary defender on Larry Bird as the Bulls hope to try and slow him down. Might be a great series, but odds are against the Bulls once again. We'll see how the Bird vs. Jordan matchup ends up here.

86 Celtics win series 4-1

83 76ers vs. 89 Pistons- Probably the best matchup of the 2nd round by far. Here we have 2 of the greatest teams ever facing off. Both teams dominated their 1st round opponents and sweept them in 4 games. And now they face off. Isiah Thomas will be guarded primary by Maurice Cheeks. That is the Sixer's main weapon against Isiah. Dennis Rodman will be on Moses Malone most of the series, that is the Pistons main weapon against the Sixers. Will they do their jobs on slowing the other star down? And what about Dumars, Agguire, and Laimbeer. Julius Erving might be the difference maker. Both teams are VERY loaded and it will be a great series.

83 76ers Win Series 4-2


87 Lakers vs. 88 Mavericks- The Lakers next challenger is the Dallas Mavericks. Lakers easily went past Round 1 as the Mavericks needed all 7 to beat Denver. Both teams very deep and loaded. Play great offense but can play some defense too. Harper will be Magic's primary defender, and Blackman will be guarding Worthy. They hope to stop those playres. Cooper for the minutes he plays will be guarding either Harper or Blackman off the bench. Both teams are great on offense so it might be a up and down series.

87 Lakers Win Series 4-2

86 Rockets vs. 80 Sonics- Another gonna be great series. The Rockets and the Sonics both won in 7 games in the 1st round. Lucas vs. Gus will be a great matchup all series. Also Lloyd and DJ will be guarding each other all series long to. The battle inside between Hakeem and Sikma will be one to watch as well. Both teams are pretty deep and have tons of talent. This series might as well go to 7 games as well. They both can play solid defense, while playing excellent offense. Good series to watch

80 Sonics Win Series 4-2

Confrence Finals Matchups


86 Celtics vs. 83 76ers- The Eastern Confrence Finals are here. The Boston Celtics, who swept in the 1st round, and won in 5 games in the 2nd round, so they have been very good so far. The Sixers also swept in the 1st round, but had a nice tough series vs. the Great Detroit Pistons which they won in 6 games. And now, two of the greatest teams of all-time face off. In the backcourt we'll see good battles. Cheeks did a great job against Isiah, and now will have to guard Dennis Johnson. DJ will use his great defense on stoping Toney, who plays very well. Bird vs. Erving matchup will be seen. They will guard each other. Moses vs. McHale will also be seen, they will guard each other. Parrish will be guarded by defensive stud Bobby Jones. Both teams matchup well vs. each other, and it will be a good series.

86 Celtics win series 4-3


87 Lakers vs. 80 Sonics- The L.A Lakers come now to face the Seattle Sonics. The Lakers won in Round 1 in 5 games, and then the Mavericks put them to the test, but the Lakers won in 6 games there too. The Sonics were almost eliminated, trailing 3-1 against the Spurs, but they came back and won the series. The Sonics did pretty well vs. the Rockets, in control all throughout. They won that series in 4-2. Now the its Lakers vs. Sonics. Both teams have shown some great offense, and firepower. And both teams have also shown they can play defense too. Magic was guarded by Harper last series, and this series he goes against Dennis Johnson. DJ hopes to limit Magic's domination. Both teams have many many contributers who can score, but lets see who comes up on top.

87 Lakers WIN series 4-1

80s Tournament Finals

86 Celtics vs. 87 Lakers

Welcome to the 80s Tournament Finals. How to end it better than the Celtics vs. Lakers for the championship of the 80s. Here we go. Lets 1st see which superstar performs better, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson? The Celtics will send out DJ to pressure Magic as much as possible. Also the Parrish vs. Kareem battle might be interesting. And lets see how the "2nd" best players of both teams, Worthy and McHale, perform in the series. There are also many role players to watch here, Ainge, Byron Scott, A.C. Green, Dennis Johnson...All together, it will be an interesting series...

86 Celtics Win Series 4-2

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