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After watching todays game against washington - KCP passed up on a lot of open looks where he just pump faked instead of shooting it up. Maybe this was in response to the above article but he needs to take those shots in my opinion. An open look is an open look... Every other aspect to his game is very promising though, his hustle, defense, rebounding and even his ball handling and passing is very encouraging..

Also, it is CLEAR as day to me that Siva does not belong in this league. He looked terrible out there, all of his passes look like turnovers, he provides nothing on offense or defense. When he is on the court we look terrible...

Bynum on the other hand looks incredible, his chemistry with both the big guys as well as guys like Billups is amazing. His play is making me believe we don't need Stuckey...

On a totally seperate note, Seraphin is reminding me of a young Jermaine Oneal on offense. He has some serious potential...
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