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Default Re: Are Dirk Nowitzki highlights 'impressive' to watch? How about Kevin Love?

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
Kevin Love is the very definition of empty stats. So far he has had almost no positive impact on his teammates and therefore team performances. Minnesota should realize that they are in a great and unique situation that their real star/draw is Ricky Rubio, which allows them to trade their best player Love without the usual backlash. Love has acted poorly toward the Wolves before. If they are a 0.500 team at the all-star break IŽd trade him in a hardbeat. Butler, the rights to Mirotic, CharlotteŽs #1 and Boozer for Kevin Love. Sold.
I agree with your "empty stats" comment. Until he can make his team win, stats can be meaningless. Ex. Watch my sixers green light evan turner this year. He will produce "empty stats" cause the sixers suck.
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