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Default How will the Rockets handle Parson's contract?

Parsons currently makes $926,500 which is ridiculously low for his talent level. Morey has come out and said that he and Parsons have talked about his salary and how he can't really do anything about it even if he wanted to.

Next season, the Rockets have a team option to retain Parsons for another year at only $964,750.

There are a few things that the Rockets can do:

They can retain him for just $964,750 and let him be unrestricted free agent in 2015. In 2014-15, the Rockets have a payroll totaling $68,877,826, but that number is reduced to $39,025,702 in 2015-16 which would allow the Rockets to sign another star player to join Harden and Dwight.

They could also not take the Team Option and let Parsons hit restricted FA and see what he gets. This would be the best thing for Parsons as it would get him out of a ridiculously low contract, but it's also risky for the Rockets because Parsons could potentially demand a larger contract than the Rockets are willing to pay.

They execute the team option for Parsons and use him as part of a trade along with someone like Asik or Lin for another player. LMA and Kevin Love come to mind as potentials to play alongside Harden and Dwight.

I just think it'll be interesting how the Rockets handle this situation as Parsons is one of the reasons Dwight went to Houston. Parsons is also potentially a future All-Star if he keeps improving.
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