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Default Re: How will the Rockets handle Parson's contract?

Originally Posted by Mr Exlax
Lin's fighting for a starting job so he's replaceable. I hate to put it that way, but he is.

As for Parsons being unhappy, i mean, he's loved here. Always has been. Morey drafted him when everybody else passed up on him. Plus, winning cures all. Parsons is friends with Dwight already. Cat and Stevie were only friends with each other.

cat-steve,just friends yeah quite a way to put that

Lin brings them money and a following,not exactly many Yao Ming or starting decent asian stars or players that could give them that revenue and replace Lin

And as seen from Mobley-Steve
you dont want to break up a connection like that

But anyways,as you said Dwight is friends with Parsons so Hou is going to do whatever makes the stars happy,Trading Lin,Paraons wont bode well for Dwights
feelings towards Rockets management

Its not necessarily the skill level thats replaceable
its the players themselves

Its like how the Heat wont trade Haslem
we saw how fields reacted to Lin being traded
how Perkins getting traded affected Rondo,
how MJ threatened a trade after Oakley got traded

Its not wise to disrupt a teams chemistry,or player connections

As we see Perkins now,doesnt seem like much and neither did Bos after Perkins trade but when Perk was with Bos,he was a top c,Dwight stopper,they had beat frontcourt an Bos Gelled and the team chemistry

With the way Hou got Lin and with the way they are paying him
They arent going to try to trade him
They practically pried Lin away from NY
and with how much Lin brings from the asian fans and the team chemistry
They wont trade him
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