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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

So far this preseason, Favors has committed 4.6 fouls per 36 minutes, just a lick under last season’s 5.0. This has an effect on his minutes, but also on his defensive aggressiveness.

What fans should be talking about: But I’m just as worried about another trend I noticed throughout the preseason. Favors is almost always the last one to make it to the Jazz’s offensive end, and sometimes he’s precisely the 13th guy to cross the midcourt line – after all 4 of his teammates, 5 opponents and the 3 zebras. Much has been made of what pages Favors should be taking from Karl Malone’s book, but perhaps the most important note he should take is how many of the Mailman’s 36,928 points came because he simply outsprinted everybody, even on plays where he was the rebounder.

My free advice: There’s an easy extra few points a game to be had just by beating your man up the court.

And this is something they mentioned from their workouts with Karl.
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