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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

Haywardís shot has been off so far this pre-season. Heís hitting just 35% of his two-point shots and even his free throw shooting has been off. Heís been given carte blanche and the result is some iffy shot selection.

What fans should be talking about: That said, Iím not too worried. The Jazz need somebody to be willing to shoot, and their offense wonít be helped by having Hayward start second-guessing himself. The shooting will normalize and heíll be OK. What Iíd like to see is better defensive adherence. Once again, heís missing a lot, particularly in two areas: guarding the P&R handler and floating aimlessly in ďno manís land.Ē There are no Synergy numbers for preseason, so youíll have to trust my eyes here: Hayward is still a bit of a defensive freestyler.

My free advice: Donít worry about the shot; itíll come back. Worry about establishing yourself as not just as a guy with good defensive tools but as a perimeter stopper.

He's started slow every year so that's not surprising especially since their putting him in a role he's not really suited for as the go to guy.
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