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Default Re: Euroleague Scoring Champion List

If it meant that much, why doesn't Stojakovic stand out more in the Euroleague?
You may only say that Peja started his NBA career as a bench player, but then again, why doesn't Danilovic stand out more? Where is Kirilenko's scoring title? And why didn't Dominique Wilkins, who participated in 2 Euroleagues, win any Euroleague scoring titles? How did someone as unknown as Joe Arlauckas surpass him? Why didn't McDaniel or Tom Chambers or Roy Tarpley win any?

Let'see: we got actually 5 players who were Euroleague scoring champion 1 year and then they play in NBA the next year.

Peja Stojakovic:
97-98 (Euroleague Scoring champion): 20.9 ppg
98-99 (Nba): 8.4 ppg
TOT: -12.5

Predrag Danilovic:
94-95 (Euroleague scoring champ): 22.1 ppg
95-96 (Nba): 13.4 ppg
TOT: -8.7

Charles Smith
04-05 (Euroleague scoring champ): 20.6 ppg
05-06 (NBA): 3.6 ppg
TOT: -17.0

Juan Carlos Navarro
06-07 (Euroleague scoring champ): 16.7 ppg
07-08 (NBA): 10.9 ppg
TOT: -5.8

Linas Kleiza
09-10 (Euroleague scoring champ): 17.1 ppg
10-11 (NBA): 11.2 ppg
TOT: -5.9

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